we provide property and roof inspections for:

  • single family homes

  • condominiums

  • townhouses

  • multi-unit residences

  • single and multi-unit commercial buildings


We operate based on the standards of the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA), whose standards for performance of inspections can be found here.



Our property inspections are based on the visible components of the building and adjoining portions of the property at the time of the inspection. 

We create a report for you that describes the serviceability of the components and systems of the property. 



This is not a code compliance inspection.  Our inspection is not meant to be technically exhaustive. 

Standard property inspections do not include reporting on termites, wood-boring beetles, or dry rot.  However at Prevention Inspection we do offer full California state compliant pest reports as an add-on service.  We offer special combination pricing to make this important extra inspection affordable and convenient.

“Bret did a very detailed inspection. I definitely recommend him.”

”Great Inspection. Bret did a detailed inspection. I would definitely recommend.”

”Very detailed report. Thank you!”

”We had a really short inspection contingency on our home, but Bret was still able to accommodate us on a short notice. We also needed additional written documents during our close process which Bret was able to assemble and submit promptly.”

You expect a rubber stamp from the inspector because they are largely beholden to the agents for work. And, no agent wants to hear a deal go away on bad news. Bret delivers the truth regardless of how that makes others feel.”

— Recent customers of Prevention Inspection